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ORMUS Articles 

ORMUS - Frequently Asked Questions by Barry Carter

ORMUS - Basic Overview by Barry Carter

ORMUS - Scientific Overview by Barry Carter

ORMUS - What is it? - (Recent History Index)


Magnetic Traps by Various Writers

Building The Winter Sink Trap - V1

Tiny Trap Plans by Barry Carter

House Trap Plans by Barry Carter

Shower Trap - Econo Version by Justin Szymanek


Sink Trap - Econo Version by Justin Szymanek

Gravito Magnetic water trap by E.M. Long

Wet Method and Dry Method by Various Authors

Pictures of ORMUS made from Dead Sea Salt by Rob

Ocean Water Process by Barry Carter

The Lye Burn Method by Joe Lello

ORMUS and Ozone by Barry Carter

The Effects of Magnetic Water By John V. Milewski

ORMUS Parting Methods by Barry Carter

Distill ORMUS from Urine


Tut's Tail by Barry Carter

Kirlian Responses by Dr. Roger Taylor

Homeopathic Resonances and ORMUS by Barry Carter

Biodynamic Resonances by Barry Carter

ORMUS, DNA Repair and Health by Barry Carter

ORMUS Effect Reports by Various Writers

ORMUS Effects on 42 Plant Species by Dana Dudley

The Effects of Magnetic Water Plant Growth
by John V Milewski Ph D 

M-state Walnuts by Barry Carter

ORMUS Oranges by Dana Dudley

Quick and Dirty ORMUS Experiment by Ted

Application Rates for ORMUS Precipitate in Agriculture

Paramagnetic Forest Soils by Barry Carter

ORMUS Variations by Barry Carter


ORMUS and Pyramids by Barry Carter

Electric ORMUS by Barry Carter

The Official Home Page of Laurence Gardner

Cone Shaped Shewbread by Barry Carter

Green ORMUS Glass? by Barry Carter


ORMUS and Quantum Evolution by Barry Carter

Comments on Trapping ORMUS by Ariel Hubbard

ORMUS and Sounds in the Head by Barry Carter

ORMUS and Ectoplasm by Barry Carter


X-ray Fluorescence on Metallic and ORMUS Gold by August

X-Ray Fluorescence on M-3 Source Sand, M-3 and Sea Water Precipitate by August

Parting the Wet Method Precipitates to Determine M-State Constituents


ORMUS and Superconductivity by Barry Carter

Monatomic, Diatomic or What? by Barry Carter

The Library of Halexandria by Dr. Dan Sewell Ward

Vinny Pinto's page on "ORMUS Like Effects"

ORMUS and Consciousness by Barry Carter

Axion (Spin) field Web Page by Dr. Alexander Shpilman

Dr. Shpilman's web page is mirrored at:

Patterns of Motion by Barry Carter

Living Water, Vital Air by Barry Carter

Transmutation and Radiation by Barry Carter

Manipulating the ORMUS elements by Barry Carter

New Physics by Barry Carter

Observed Properties by Barry Carter

Magnetic Levitation "Movie" by Barry Carter
levitate.avi 2.7mb
levitate.wmv 1.1mb
JumpingAu.wmv 2.49mb


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