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Ormus and Washing Processes

Dead Sea Gold, Great Salt Lake, Sea-11, are made using Water Alchemy.  Using a special menstrum, ORMEs are extracted from the starting source as a white, fluffy precipitate.  This precipitate is then washed with distilled water three times and allowed to settle over several days.  Finally, the washed precipitate is again hydrated in distilled water in a 1:1 ratio, leaving the Manna slightly salty to the taste.  Our bodies are better able to assimilate the ORMEs when the ORMEs are hydrated than when they are in a dry powder form, and the salt provides a structure in which the ORMEs are stabilized. 

PROCESSES  for washing

After washing, I like to part the gold from the MgOH by raising the pH to 12 with the lye solution
which "dissolves" the m-state and leaves the MgOH, so I just filter this, then the filtrate pH is lowered
to 8.5 with HCl or vinegar to retrieve a congealed m-state. To this add lye solution back up to 10.78.
Now wash several times to get a pH of 8 or 9.
That's my preferred method, but there are others.

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